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My Start


In 1997 my father, a computer technician, decided to make a life changing decision. He decided to Leave Normandy and return to Burgundy to work the vineyards with his father-in-law. My mother's father, wine maker in Fuisse, was nearing retirement and wanted to pass on the family plots.

Once in Burgundy my father began replanting plots within our holdings across Pouilly-Loché, Mâcon-Fuissé and Pouilly-Fuissé.


At that point, for me, the vineyard was almost like a jail. My love and passion was with music. Travelling across Europe with my band was my freedom and excitement.

And in 2010, I started my studies at Mâcon-Davayé. It was while studying at Mâcon-Davayé that I met Emma. She

was able to light a fire with in me.

In 2011 I travelled to Canada to work a vintage in Niagara, Ontario. Once home I assumed responsibility for the family vineyards with the 2012 vintage.


Now I farm 4.64 hectares across Pouilly-Fuissé,

Pouilly-Loché, Mâcon-Fuissé, Mâcon-Chaintré and Beaujolais-Village. Just as I compose my music, I am now composing my wines with the same care and love.

My tempo


"Following in the steps of my grandfather and his viticulture practices, I also choose to farm the same plots in a natural and traditional manor.


Pruning to reduce yields, hand leaf thinning to better expose and ripen fruit, working the soil under the vines without the use of chemicals and hand harvest.


I am inspired by organic farming and the quality fruit it produces all while respecting the land from which it came.

I will continue to practice sustainable farming and the stewardship of the land from which my fruit grows, with the goal of transitioning to a fully organic program."

My production


"The vineyards from which my wines are produced vary in age from forty to sixty years. Some of the older sites contain vines as old as eighty to one hundred years old. These vines produce fruit with low yields and great concentration.


Of course, all of the fruit is hand harvested. The diverse range of sites allows me the opportunity to produce wine from multiple terroir.


In the winery all the fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts, allowing for a more complex wine. Nothing is chaptalized and the wine is allowed to express it's

true character.


My wine style? I seek minerality and finesse on Pouilly-Fuisse, more rounded and fruity for Macon-Village."

Pouilly-Fuissé 2012

Technical sheet

Mâcon-Fuissé 2012

Technical sheet

Beaujolais-Villages Rouge 2013

Technical sheet


Geoffrey Chevalier

Rue du Bourg

71960 Fuissé


06 76 38 93 01

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